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WSHE Wyoming Societ of Healthcare Engineering
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The name of the organization shall be:

Wyoming Society of Healthcare Engineering (WSHE)


The association shall be affiliated with the Wyoming Hospital Association (WHA) and the American Society of Healthcare Engineering (ASHE).


The objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

A. To advance the development of effective healthcare engineering related support services and management.

B. To stimulate the exchange of information and to further the professional, educational, and personal development of its members.

C. To provide a continuing education opportunity for its members to broaden and improve their capabilities in the operation and maintenance of healthcare facilities.

D. This organization is organized exclusively as a not-for-profit organization.

E. Any member of this organization in good standings may be reimbursed for educational opportunities at the discretion of the board of directors.


A. Individuals eligible for membership (hereafter called members) in this association shall be those active in the field of healthcare engineering, related support services and management.

B. Honorary and retired membership may be granted, by majority vote of the membership, however, they may not vote or hold office.

C. Individuals eligible for associate membership in the association shall be those active in related fields, such as manufacturers, representatives, suppliers, etc. (hereafter called associate members). Associate members will be required to take an active and current participation in the activities of the association.

D. Individuals eligible for professional membership would include architectural, consulting, mechanical and other current design and specification engineering professionals.


A. This association shall hold the following meetings:

1. There will be a minimum of two (2) meetings a year.

2. One of these meetings shall be at the annual spring meeting; hereafter called the “annual meeting.”

3. Meetings shall be conducted using the rules contained in the current addition of Roberts Rules of Order, newly revised, and they shall govern the association in all cases of which they are applicable. In cases in which they are inconsistent with the by-laws and any other special rules or order, which the association may adopt, rules of the association shall be applicable.


A. Officers and the Board of Directors shall be members in good standing of the association.

B. The officers shall be a president and a president-elect; elected by the membership.

C. There shall be two (2) elected directors of the board.

D. Two members from other category membership may serve on the board in an ex-officio capacity. The board of directors shall make appointment from either nominations from the board or expressed interest from an individual (2) in these categories. These appointments shall be reviewed at the annual spring meeting.

E. A secretary/treasurer shall be appointed from the membership by the board of directors and shall serve on the board of directors.

F. Duties of the president:

The president shall be the chief executive officer of the association and shall preside at the meeting of the organization and shall serve as chairperson of the board of directors. The president shall present a report at the annual meeting, which shall be kept in the permanent files of the association.

G. Duties of the president-elect:

The president-elect shall, in the absence of, or because of incapacity of the president, perform all duties and assume all responsibilities of the president.

H. Duties of the board of directors:

The board of directors shall consist of the president, president-elect, and two (2) board members, immediate past president, secretary/treasurer, ASHE advocacy liaison ASHE liaison, and any other ex-officio members.

I. Duties of secretary/treasurer:

The secretary/treasurer shall record the proceedings and prepare the minutes of the association and perform such other duties as may be necessary, to coordinate and advance the association’s objectives. The secretary/treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the association and pay all bills authorized by the board of directors. A financial report shall be submitted to the general membership at the business section of each meeting. An audit can be requested by any member to be presented to the membership.

J. Vacancies:

The president shall fill vacancies by appointment from the membership, subject to approval of the board of directors to serve in a temporary capacity until the next annual meeting.


A. President-elect: The president-elect shall be elected at the annual meeting by the recommendation of the board of directors and a vote of the general membership present at the meeting. This shall be a two (2) year term. The president-elect shall take the office of the president at the annual meeting at the beginning of “new business” during the general membership business meeting, at the conclusion of the president’s term.

B. Board of directors: Directors shall be elected at each annual meeting by vote of the general membership present at the meeting to serve a period of two (2) years. Their terms of office shall begin at the beginning of “new business” of the annual meeting at which they were elected.

C. Vacancies: Should any officer fail to attend two (2) consecutive meetings, resign or fail to meet WSHE requirements, the office shall be considered vacant.


The president shall appoint the following standing committee(s).

1. Special committee(s) may be appointed, as needed, by the president.


A. Dues for membership in this association shall be $25.00 annually for members.

B. Dues for associate/professional members shall be $75.00 annually.

C. Honorary and retired members shall not be required to pay dues.

D. Dues shall be payable during the month of January, for the year running January through December. Dues shall not be pro-rated.


A. Only membership and professional membership, in good standing, of this association shall have the privilege of voting. Professional membership shall constitute no more than one third of the vote. Associate membership and honorary members shall not have the privilege of voting.
B. Voting for officers at the annual meeting shall be only if there are 50% of the members in good standing present; if not a letter ballot will be sent to all members in good standing. This ballot will be returned in 30 days and this shall constitute a valid vote.


A. The By-Laws, as adopted, may be amended or altered at any stated meeting by a vote of two thirds of the members (as defined under Membership/A.), present providing those members account for at least half of the current paid-up membership, and further providing that written notice has been given in writing to all current members at least one day prior to the meeting. In the event there is not 50% of the currently paid-up membership at the voting meeting, a letter ballot including the proposed change(s) will be sent to all paid-up members. This ballot will be returned within 30 days and the results will constitute a valid vote.

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